Professional Training

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Starting January 20th, 2020...

Integrated ATPL Certificate Program

Joint Integrated ATPL program...

Canadian Flight Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with Seneca College School of Aviation. This partnership brings together a combined 90+ years of aviation training knowledge and expirience.
Students, of this full-time program, will graduate from the Transport Canada approved Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence course with a Seneca College Certificate in Aviation.
All of the training and ground school classes will take place at the Oshawa Executive Airport in Ontario, Canada. Students who successfully complete the first three phases of the training program with Canadian Flight Academy will attend two semesters of courses provided by Seneca College from which they can earn the college certificate.
The in-aircraft portion of the program is provided entirely by Canadian Flight Academy. Seneca College will be providing only the ground school courses listed below as part of their aviation certificate.

First Semester

Seneca College Instruction

Flight Instrument and Avionic Fundamentals
Meteorology for Pilots
Aircraft Systems Essentials
Flight Operations Essentials
Ethical and Human Factors in Flight
Communicating in a Professional Setting

Second Semester

Seneca College Instruction

Air Carrier Procedures
Air Carrier Administration
Advanced Aircraft Systems
Advanced Flight Operations
Flight Safety Management Systems
Technical Report Writing

Professional pilot training...

The integrated program is the choice for those who want an immediate professional pilot career. This is a complete course to obtain a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Once the required flight experience levels are obtained graduates may apply to Transport Canada for the full ATPL licence.
The aim of the integrated is to train pilots to the proficiency level necessary for the issuance of a commercial pilot licence, multi-engine class rating, and Group 1 instrument rating. Additionally, it will prepare pilots to operate as single pilot in commercial air services, or as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine aircraft in commercial air transportation services depending on the exit point of the program.
The program differs from modular programs by providing a continuous training aimed at achieving the final standards for which the trainee is enrolled. This allows for the early introduction of advanced Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Crew Resource Management (CRM), Multi-Crew Co-operation training (MCC) and Scenario Based Training (SBT) designed to achieve the final standard.

Program Outline

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Phase 1 - Procedures Training
Phase 2 - Flying Fundamentals
Phase 3 - Private Pilot Licence
Phase 4 - VFR Navigation & Night Training
Phase 5 - Instrument Flight Training - Group 3
Phase 6 - Commercial Flight Training - CPL(A)
Phase 7 - VFR Multi-Engine Training
Phase 8 - Commercial Flight Operations Training - CPL(A)/IR
Phase 9 - Multi-Crew Co-operation Training - ATP(A)

Enrolment Restrictions

A few notes before you enrol.

Minimum age of 17 years
Secondary school diploma or equivalent
Have a valid Category 1 Medical
Pass an English language proficiency test