Intro Flight Voucher


1250 Airport Boulevard
Oshawa, Ontario

20 minute Ground Briefing
– Covering safety and responsibilities.
Up to 40 minutes of Aircraft Time
– Instructor will fly out to the practice area.
– After that you have control!
7 days' notice to book your flight
– Available Monday to Sundays.

Maximum 1 Person
– Sorry no passengers!
During Daylight Hours
– Regulatory restriction.

Voucher expires 2 years after purchase date.

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Have you ever imagined seeing a city skyline from the air, or parked your car near an airport to watch the planes land. You may be on your way to an experience that few people get to enjoy. When it comes to exhilaration, few things come close to being pilot in command. Nothing can compete with the sights, the speeds and sense of accomplishment of piloting an airplane. A thrill which you can experience with an Intro Flight from Canadian Flight Academy | TA Inc.

Your journey begins as you meet one of our certified flight instructors. Before heading out to the apron (where we park our airplanes), you and your instructor will plan your first flying adventure. After an aircraft pre-flight inspection, you will take the pilot’s seat in one of our Cessna airplanes, the most popular and comfortable single engine aircraft worldwide, while your instructor shows you the thrill of takeoff in a small aircraft.

For the next ~40 minutes the airplane is in your hands. Your instructor will first demonstrate and then observe you perform basic flying manoeuvres. Alternatively, just enjoy the view!

This flight could be the first step to becoming a new hobby, or a new career; it may be the realization of a lifelong dream. Whatever the case, we would be excited to become a part of your flight training future.