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An Intro Flight is a training flight. You will be able to control the aircraft, but only one person can be in the aircraft with the instructor. A Sightseeing Flight is a flight for fun. We will work with you to fly over the area you would like (as much as possible.) There is a minimum flight time of half an hour, but it can go as long as necessary. We cannot land our aircraft anywhere other than Oshawa on these flights. You can have up to 3 people (plus the pilot), but this is dependent on the weight of the passengers. You will not be able to control the aircraft.
Introductory flights are an hour in total length. The first 15-20 minutes will be spend on the ground learning about the flight, route, and aircraft, along with a safety briefing. This is followed by a flight of up to 40 minutes.
Yes! Once you clear the Oshawa control zone, you will be allowed to take control of the plane. The instructor will show you some maneuvers, and allow you to try them out.
Unfortunately, because Introductory Flights are classified as training flights, only ONE person is permitted on board with the instructor. We would be happy to work with your schedule to book two flights simultaneously if you wish. Alternatively, you could consider a Sightseeing Flight instead.
We recommend dressing for the weather, wearing closed toe shoes, and sunglasses! Other than that, perhaps a camera.

Transport Canada requires that anyone who holds a Private Pilot Licence (or higher) be able to pass an Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT.) More information can be found on Transport Canada’s website.
There are no prerequisites for training with Toronto Airways! Look here for more information.
You can! You will, however, need either a permanent residency or an appropriate visa. More information on how to register will be added to the website this week, so stay tuned!
The minimum age to solo in Canada is 14. You must be 17 to hold a PPL, and 18 to hold a CPL. Otherwise if you can pass the aviation medical you are all set.
Wearing glasses will not bar you from pursuing licensing. For more information please contact a Transport Canada approved Civil Aviation Medical Examiner; please refer to Transport Canada’s searchable database.
Dr. Trevor Gillmore has an office at the airport which is open Thursday mornings; more information can be found on their website. If this is inconvenient for you, or you would like to check if your doctor is a CAME (Civil Aviation Medical Examiner), please refer to Transport Canada’s searchable database.

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many variables involved, including the weather, your commitment level, how quickly you pick up various skills, and how often you’re flying. It can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years (or more).
It is a long process to go from no licence to flying for an airline in Canada. If you go through all of the licencing we offer you will have a Commercial licence, and potentially your Multi-IFR and Instructor ratings. This will allow you work as an Instructor. You will need to work on building hours, and gaining various experience as required by the airline you wish to apply for!
The planes we have in our public fleet are as follows:
  • Four Cessna 152
  • Six Cessna 172 M
  • Thirteen Cessna 172 S
  • One Piper Warrior II
  • One Piper Archer II
  • Three Piper Seminole
  • One Piper Seneca
We also have an two Cessna 172 & a King Air C90B simulators.

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